Veteran Support

Veteran's Emergency Fund

The Veterans Emergency Fund (VEF) provides financial support to Veterans, their families or their survivors whose well-being is at risk due to an urgent and unexpected situation.     

What is an emergency?  Every situation will be different and unique, which is why applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The fund covers essential needs, such as:

  • Food
  • Clothing 
  • Rent, Mortgage 
  • Medical care/expenses
  • Expenses required to maintain safety and shelter.       

As this is only temporary financial relief, we will also work with you to identify your long-term needs.      Together, we will look for solutions to improve your financial stability.     

You should apply for this program if you have an urgent financial need, and are:   

  • a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF);   
  • the spouse/common-law partner of the former member;  
  • a survivor of a deceased CAF member or Veteran;  
  •  or  an orphan of a deceased CAF member or Veteran (or the legal guardian if the orphan is under the age of 18).  You must be a Canadian resident to receive this grant.     

For more information go to:

Free Legion Membership

  For still serving or retired CAF and RCMP members who have not been a member of the Legion 


The Legion is pleased to offer currently serving and retired Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP members with a free one-year Legion membership, including a subscription to Legion Magazine and access to the Member Benefit programs. Our Veteran Welcome Program, available to all Veterans who have not yet joined the Legion, is a great way to get to know the organization. 


Being a Legion member offers opportunities to improve the lives of those who served, remember the Fallen and support your community — and every member makes a difference. To get more involved with Legion activities in your community and to add your voice to our advocacy efforts and the future of the Legion, apply through Dominion Command’s Veteran Welcome Program and bring your membership card to any Legion Branch to request a transfer to that Branch.


To apply, please complete the Veteran Welcome Program Registration Form and return: 

By mail to: Member Services 

Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command 

86 Aird Place 

Ottawa, ON K2L 0A1 


By Fax to: 613-591-9335 


By Email to:

U of A - Sleep Study for Veterans and Family Members

Are you a veteran or family member of a veteran?  Do you have problems sleeping?

We are recruiting veterans and their family members to test the impact of self-applied hand Shiatsu on sleep. 

This technique is drug free and has no cost. 

Participants can withdraw from the study before completion and will be compensated for parking. 

This study is funded by Veterans Affairs Canada and supported by the Royal Canadian Legion       

Alberta- NWT Command, has been approved the Health Research Ethics Board of the University of Alberta. To learn more email Dr. Cary Brown,      

Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta at or  phone 780-492-9545.

For active military members and Veterans who have ingested the drug Mefloquine

An estimate of approximately 18 to 20 thousand Canadian Forces members ingested the drug and suffered side effects of various degrees.

It does not matter what year the drug was issued and when the order directing to ingest Mefloquine occurred.  

 The drug causes the medical condition quineism toxicity (poisoning) 

Research history has shown the drug manufactures and the military organizations who issued the drug knew and understood the drug cause psychoactive symptoms of various effects.

The drug causes the medical condition quineism toxicity (poisoning).  

If you are looking for more information, contact: Howie,Sacks&Henry LLP and Wadell Phillips LLP 3500 – 20 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON M5H 3R3  

Fax: 416-361-0083 Toll Free: 877-474-5997

Faces to Graves

Faces to Graves, a remembrance project based in the Netherlands, is a joint tribute by the three Canadian war cemeteries: 

  • Bergen op Zoom, 
  • Groesbeek and 
  • Holten.      

The project is seeking photos and stories to create a Digital Monument to the soldiers buried at those cemeteries.       

If you have photos, stories, or other information that can contribute to the project, please contact Faces to Graves.

Veterans Service Centre

The Veterans Service Centre in Edmonton is a place for veterans to get help accessing:  

  • financial programs and supports   
  • employment and training services   
  • housing location and supports   
  • •risis supports   
  • community services and opportunities     

Supports and services are available to any veteran who is:   

  • homeless  
  • at-risk of homelessness   
  • struggling in the civilian community     

To visit the Veterans Service Centre:    

Hours: 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm (Monday to Friday)     

For more information visit:

Operation VetBuild

Operation VetBuild is a veteran to veteran peer support program that is run through the RCL OSI Special Section commonly known as BSL Legion OSI and is hosted in Legion Branches.  

Our objective is to incorporate hobby and in this case, plastic scale model building as a means of assisting veterans alleviate the symptoms commonly associated with OSIs and PTSD.  

The incorporation of hobby in a social atmosphere will give veterans the opportunity  to meet other veterans in their area while working through their projects  to provide mutual support and comradeship.  

This is a peer support program first and model building is simply the medium.

The meeting run on the 3rd Saturday of the month  1– 4 pm, at Kingsway Legion located at 14339 50th Street,  Edmonton.  

If you would like more information, please contact: Anthony Sewards at 780-893-5612